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A key concern for facilities is to ensure round-the-clock security and protection to their assets, personnel and equipment.

Our security services ensure 24/7 protection for your organization and personal needs. Our security staff are well trained and equipped to protect your interests and offer you valuable peace of mind. We also offer a comprehensive training to our staff to ensure they are kept up to date on latest surveillance techniques and equipment. We are a member of CAPSI and our personnel are trained as per PSARA act of 2005.

Our Expert Services Include

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Case Study

Complete Site Security for an upcoming site under development of a renowned real estate developer in Mumbai. Ensuring resort premises, guest and operational security and surveillance services for a Jodhpur based resort. Complete security takeover through provision of 150 member security team for a government owned warehouse.

Applicable Industries

Logistics & warehousing
Manufacturing & Engineering
Urban Complexes
Healthcare & Wellness
Hospitality & Leisure
Infrastructure & Construction
Waterways & Docks