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Logistic & Warehousing

The Logistics and Warehousing sector is faced with scarce availability of trained workforce, leading to improper handling, driving accidents or incidents, goods and property losses, low retention rates.

We fully understand the nuances of the Logistics industry and provide permanent, contractual and outcome based services tailored to the specific needs of the organisation – be it data entry operators, supervisors, security, housekeeping, loaders and more.

Case Study

Complete Warehouse Operations Management for the Bengaluru based warehouse of a leading Indian airlines company, delivering a daily throughput of XXX kgs per day. The operations takeover and stabilisation was achieved within a 3 week period with minimal to no downtime to business as usual. Complete security takeover through provision of 150 member security team for a government owned warehouse Comprehensive workforce provisioning, data entry and security management for the Warehouse operations across India for a Middle East Airline company.