Warehousing Operations Management


HR and Operation Management in warehousing industry are under constant pressure to hire and retain staff across all levels – from the shopfloor to the offices. An important factor is to manage labour unions and specific regional labour challenges resulting in different cultures and benefits that the different levels of staff are looking for and addressing them appropriately. Warehouses, by the nature of operations need to be secure zones with access to authorised personnel only and ensure no loss of material or goods through theft and burglary.

We, at Group Magnum, provide a comprehensive warehouse operations management model, where we provide all levels of staff requirement from the floor managers to supervisors to loaders, pickers and packers on our payroll, including mandatory compliances and benefits. We source and manage the workforce from across the country minimizing trade union and regional impacts to everyday operations, while also ensuring accommodation close to the warehouse locations.

We also provide complete support staff to manage back-office operations like accounting, documentation and data entry, facilities and housekeeping staff for cleaning, sanitisation, pest control, and technical teams on call for all repair and maintenance. Our security teams are well trained in warehouse access, surveillance and security requirements and ensure minimal loss of material and maximise security of the premises.

Additionally, our in-house Healthy and Safety expert regularly visits the sites to review operations, identify areas of improvement and train on fire & safety procedures that are key for operational productivity. 

Services Under Warehousing Operations Management

  • Floor and teams management
  • Forklift Operations
  • Picking, Packing and Shipping
  • Preventive, Predictive and Breakdown Maintenance SOPs
  • Spare Parts management
  • Scheduled maintenance of facilities and equipment
  • Annual Maintenance and overhaul
  • Performance monitoring, measurement and diagnostics
  • Process Improvements and Enhancements
  • Team Management
  • Management reporting
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Facilities Management & House Keeping
  • Pest Control Management
  • Accounting & Data entry operations

Case Study

  • Complete Warehouse Operations Management for the Bengaluru based warehouse of a leading Indian airlines company, handling a multi-tonne volume per day of various daily operations products. The operations takeover and stabilisation was achieved within a 3 week period with minimal to no downtime to business as usual.

Client Testimony