Integrated Workforce Management


Management in most organisations want to focus their efforts and time on strategy and business growth and not on managing daily operations, housekeeping, and resource management.

Identifying, selecting, managing and retaining staff is a continuous and pressing challenge for the management of every organisation. The impacts of Labour union, regional issues and the multitude of skills required can effect everyday operations.

We, at Group Magnum, have evolved into our clients workforce management partners – working with them to initially forecast workforce requirements, onboard and manage staff across levels, deploy technical and facilities repair and maintenance teams on demand and provide complete security teams across all points in the complex.

We work with companies to identify and onboard key staff currently deployed to ensure continuity and seamless transfer of operations with minimal or no impact to business-as-usual.

Services Under Integrated Workforce Management

  • Housekeeping and Facilities management
  • Shopfloor and store management
  • Production and service delivery operations
  • Pest Control Services
  • Utilities and equipment repair and maintenance
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Back office operations
  • Documentation and Data Entry operators
  • Supervisory staff

Case Study

  • All-inclusive facility management of 535 home Apartment complex based in Mumbai within 24 hours, including property management, Help desk, lift management, Housekeeping, Technical repair & maintenance, valet services and security.

Client Testimony